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Old Mill
Boys Town #1
Boys Town #2
Boys Town Farm

Old Mill Area
Looking Northeast

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This photo taken by Steve Adams on mid-afternoon of 
September 10, 1992

USCS 1999 Satellite Photo
 of "Boys Town Farm" by MSN TerraServer

Dodge Street - Left center to upper right
Interstate-680 - Upper left to lower right
108th Avenue - Below Interstate-680,
Left center to bottom center.

I-680 Interchange: Upper Center
Regency Parkway: Curved Street
on the left, between Dodge St &

Westroad Mall
- Area - Above the Interchange
Regency Office Park - Right of the Interchange
Old Mill Office Park - Below the Interchange

Below 108th Ave.
In the "Stonebreak Office Park"
- Group of small buildings above lower left.

  • ACI* - Applied Communication Inc
  • TSA -Transaction System Architects

ACI* Headquarter Building
- Sq. building right of the Stonebreak Office Park

Above 108th Ave. - on Farman Dr.
- Farman Dr. - 2nd horizon street below
   the Interchange

*an  TSA Companies

Christ Community

Below & lower right of 
photo above.

Looking East - Southeast

by Steve Adams - Oct 10, 1998

Photo Above

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