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Old Mill
Boys Town #1
Boys Town #2
Boys Town Farm

Boys Town #2
Looking Northeast-North

This photo taken by Steve Adams in the mid-afternoon of 
Thursday May 20, 1993

USCS 1999 Satellite Photo
 of "Boys Town" by MSN TerraServer

Dodge Street - Runs across the top of this photo.
(All road construction on Dodge Street is now completed)

First National Business Park
- Above Dodge St. left of the interchange
Site of Commercial Federal Bank Headquarter Campus
- Above Dodge St. right of the interchange.

Boys Town (Tour) - Below Dodge Street
For information on Building listed below,
on that building on the official Boy Towns tour map.

  • Information on Home Campus (picture above)
    and other US locations.

  • Alumni Veterans Memorial - Small circle above the fieldhouse.
  • Boy Town Pylon (vertical sign)
  • Chambers Protestant Chapel** - Below left end of the interchange.
  • Dowd Memorial Chapel / Father Flanagan Shrine**
     - Below the heart of the Interchange or boy town entry road.
  • Father Flanagan House / Rose Garden** - Left of Chamber Chapel.
  • Fieldhouse - The Lange white roof building center right of Photo.
  • Hall of History** - Between Chamber Chapel & Dowd Chapel
  • High School - Horizontal building on right.
  • Music Hall - Above & left of High School.
  • Youth Homes - Along street at bottom of the photo.

**See bottom half  of Boys town "home Campus" page for information.

See Boys Town Tour Page for list of all building at Boys town

Photo Above

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