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Minnesota Zoo
& Discovery Bay

Three Trails
of Minnesota Zoo

"Family Farm"
at Minnesota Zoo

Northern Trail (Map)- It is a walking safari - Has 16 difference animals.

I (Steve) was watching the herd of Bisons across this lake. The Bison Area faces away the Notrhern trail loop.

Here my friend Shawn is reading about the Pronghorn. There is some Pronghorns along the rock right of Shawn. This area is inside the Northern Trail loop.

Tropic Trail (Map) - It is the totolly indoor Trail - Has 22 difference animal.

I watch a group of Lesser Flamingos enjoying the water. The water reflects the skylight above.

The Malyan Tapir is weird looking black and white animal.

Minnesota Trail - Your are in but animals are outside - Has 18 difference amimal

The Minnesota zoo has two of a national symbol - the Bald Eagle.

The lynx is big cat of Minnesota and American's North.

Minnesota Zoo
Zoo: Northern Trail (Map) including Bison & Pronghorn.
Zoo: Tropics Trail (Map) including Lesser Flamingos & Malyan Tapir
Zoo: Minnesota Trail (Map) including Bald Eagle & lynx
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Home > Trips > Twin Cities Index, Story & Map > Day 2