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Streetcar Line

Minnesota Zoo
& Discovery Bay

Three Trails of
Minnsota Zoo

The Imation IMax Theatre is to right of Minnesota Zoo. entrance.

This Dolphins Fountain is near the Minnesota Zoo entrance.

About every path intersection at the zoo have signpost pointing to various attractions at the zoo. This signpost is near Discovery Bay.

Discovery Bay

The Mercedes-Benz Dolphin Shows is given four time daily in Discovery bay's Dolphin Amphitheather. I watched the 10 am show.

This the is Giant shark Jaw entance to Clubhouse Cove. It is hand-on display on coastal environments issues.

This Tide Pool is next to Clubhouse Cove area. This photo shows the tide coming in.

Minnesota Zoo.
Zoo: Discovery Bay
Zoo: Dolphin Amphitheather
Zoo: Tide Pool

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Home > Trips > Twin Cities Index, Story & Map > Day 2