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Three Trails of
Minnsota Zoo

Well Fargo "Family Farm"
At Minnesota zoo

of Saint Paul

The Well Fargo "Family Farm" at the Minnesota zoo "city Kids" typical farms animals, how a farm work and what part farmer have to bringing food to you table.

Inside the center of "Land 0 Lake" Grain Elevator. Here children are the "Grain". They climb up the pipe or "Leg" (on left) and slide into the bins (on right)

From here it a short walk to or ride over the "Country Road & Path" to the Farmstead - the Photo at Right.

The zoo "Farmstead" have typical Minnesota style farm buiding. Left to right

• "Alfred & Ingrid Harrison" Goat & Sheep Barn
• "Ecolab" Dairy Barn
• Grain "Shed" - has Classroom.
• "General Mills" Farm House - has snack bar

The "Inside the center of "Land 0 Lake" Grain Elevator is on the north end of the "Northern Trail" and the frist building you see of the Well Fargo "Family Farm"

The chicken hatchery display in the "Barbara & David Koch" Chicken House.

The Chicken house is behind the grain "shed" and it has Chickens indoor and Hens in enclose pen outdoor.

This wall display inside the John Deer "Machine Shed" shows the history of farming in the USA with empress on Minnesota.

The machine shed is near the house.

In the lower lever of "Ecolab" Dairy Barn, I saw dairy cows in their tie stalls. It did not see the 3 time daily cow milking demonstrations.

In the "Phyllis Poehler" Swine Barn, I watched active this litters of piglets with their mother in the farrowing pen. Also in Swine, you can learn about pig products

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