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Library Atruim Display At Omaha Public Library's
W.  Dale Clark Library
     May 7th - June 16th, 06
The Artworks
43 hung "on-line"
Genn Leachy Mall slide Gene Leahy Mall Display
     June 23rd - July 7th, 06
By Artist
40+ Artist
2nd Library Atruim Display 2nd Library Display
     July 8th - Sept. 22nd, 06 
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Canceled Mutual of Omaha Dome Exhibit   
    All artwork was returned to the artist..
    Select Artworks are at new Venues

Omaha On-Line
is not a name for a community website, but for clothing-themed fabric
 artwork hanging from a wire line, similar to laundry being put out to dry. Each piece of
 hanging "Clothing" artwork honors a Culture or Occupation within Omaha.

Like artwork by Christo, a world famous artist known for wrapping buildings or hanging
 huge fabric installations across Major Cities, the Omaha On-Line Project will only
be displayed for a short time, during the 2006 Omaha Summer Arts Festival.

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Sample of Omaha On-Line photos by Steve R. Adams


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Mutual of Omaha
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The Burlington Capital Group
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 What's drying on the line? Omaha Art
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