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 While other city’s public art projects features animals: cows, bears, horses, etc or people like Omaha’s J.Doe project, Lincoln has bicycles.

"Tour De Lincoln" is city a wide public art display of "Artistic Bicycle" in the summer of 2003, sponsored by the Lincoln art council. Its celebrates Lincoln’s Unique Trail systems

May 1, 2003  -"Tour De Lincoln" public bicycle display begin.
October 3, 2003 - Public Auction at Haymarket Park.- Full Auction Results
Mid-Oct. - Dec, 2003 - 12th Street Art Corridor "Artistic Bicycle" display
which is between UNL Campus and "M" Street - 4 blocks

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Sample of Bicycle photos by Steve R. Adams
The Photographers

J. Doe Project - May to September 2001 - Omaha, Nebraska Prairie Dog Quest - Summer 2002 - Sioux city, Iowa J. Doe Project II - Aug. 1st  to Dec. 31st 2002 - Omaha, NebraskaJ. Doe Project II - Aug. 1st  to Dec. 31st 2002 - Omaha, Nebraska Tour De Lincoln - May 1 to Oct., 2003 - Lincoln, NebraskaBig fish of the Plate - May 1 to Sept. 2004 - Fremont, Nebraska Bench Mark - May 2005 to May 2006 - Omaha, NebraskaLincoln Star Art - Jan. 20th to April 23rd, 06 - Lincoln, Nebraska Omaha OnLine Progject - Summer 2006 - Omaha, NebraskaO! for Omaha - Summer 2007+ Plains to Planes - Mid-May to Sept. 3rd, 2007 - Sarpy County, Nebraska The Parade of Where is the Cows
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