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 Gene Leahy Mall Display  

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June 21st - July 7th:  The 2006 Summer Art Festival  officially starts
the two week outdoor display at the Gene Leahy Mall. All but five of
the 43 clothing - theme artworks are hung on the two lines above the
 slide’s area, just west of the Burlington Building.  They were removed
on June 30th, 2006. The other five panels were hung from the Orange
 across 13th street from W. Dale Clark Library.


Five Panels Display
On Orange Frameworks across 13 Street from the W. Dark Library

13th_Street_01 13th_Street_02 13th_Street_03 13th_Street_04 13th_Street_05 13th_Street_06
Farnam Street view. Left to Right: Artwork by Vlcek, ManriquezBilunas, Sedlacek, and Evelo Hanson Another Back View

Two Line Display - It was remove on June 30th due to wind and weather consideration 
Above Slides area, Just west of  the Burlington  Building & 10th street.

Slide_Area_01 Slide_Area_02 Slide_Area_03 Slide_Area_04 Slide_Area_05 Slide_Area_06
Slide_Area_07 Slide_Area_08 Slide_Area_09 Top Row: Near building,  look up & toward the West  
At Left: Near Slides look up & toward the East


All photos was taken Thursday evening, June 22nd, during the artist reception at the Nebraska Art Council - Burlington Building

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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Home - Artworks & Artist - Displays: Library II - Gene Leahy Mall - New Venues

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