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 Library Atrium Display 

Artworks Installation
May 7th - June 16th, 2006:
22 of 43 clothing - theme artworks were on display in the atrium of
 the W. Dale Clark Library*, 14th and Farnam, Omaha, Nebraska.
In conjunction with the Omaha On-Line display,  The Library
had the laundry-themed photographic exhibit
by Laurie Victor Kay on first Floor.
Laundry Reading
Main Floor View
2nd Floor View
 4th Floor View   July 8th - Sept. 22nd:  2nd Library Display  
* ... is Omaha Public Library's Headquarters and Main Library 

Artwork Installation

Iinstallation_A Iinstallation_B Iinstallation_C Iinstallation_D
Iinstallation_E Iinstallation_F Iinstallation_G Iinstallation_I
photos by Photo by Mike Trifillis - Omaha public Library

Laundry Reading @ May 7th, Opening Reception.
With introduction by Omaha “On-line” project coordinator, Eddi Buis, each local writer, read a short passage about Laundry.

Reader_Eddith_Buis_A Reader_Eddith_Buis_B Reader_Heidi_Hermanson Reader_Brace_koborg Reader_Charlene_Neely Reader_James_Reed
Project coordinator, Eddi Buis

Heidi Hermanson

Brace koborg Charlene Neely James Reed

Main Floor View
Looking up at the clothing - theme artworks.

1st_Floor_A 1st_Floor_B 1st_Floor_C 1st_Floor_D
1st_Floor_E 1st_Floor_F 1st_Floor_G  

2nd Floor View
Near eye lever  view of the clothing - theme artworks.
Some of  Laurie Victor Kay 's laundry-themed photographic exhibit can be seen below.

2nd_Floor_A 2nd_Floor_B 2nd_Floor_C 2nd_Floor_D
2nd_Floor_E 2nd_Floor_F 2nd_Floor_G 2nd_Floor_H

4th Floor View
A view from above the "Cloth Line".

4th_Floor_A 4th_Floor_B 4th_Floor_C

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

"Omaha Online" Logo and writing by Eddith Buis, Project Coordinator

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