24th Street "Bench Marks"

24th Street has 8 benches between Spaulding and Spring Street passing thru
North Omaha/Florence Area, West Downtown, and South Omaha areas

More information on and photo of other "bench Marks" are available at the unofficial
Omaha Bench Art website.
North Omaha/Florence AreaWest Downtown South Omaha

Bench_17_A Bench_17_B Bench_24_A Bench_24_B
#17 Michael Giron
Stand in the shadows…
or skip into the sunlight.
Montessori Parents’
Co-op for Children, Inc.
24th & Spring, S/W
#24 Linda Hatfield
Amy Scott
No one is small in potential.
Youth Emergency Services
24th & Harney, S/W
Bench_25_A Bench_25_B Bench_26_A Bench_26_B Bench_27_A Bench_27_B
#25 Sandi Bruns
DeJuan Cribbs
Diversity adds the
spice to our buffet.
Anne Boyle
24th & Harney, S/E
#26 Barker Art
Rebecca Rotert
The world is more
generous than bleak.
Omaha By Design
24th & Farnam, N/E
#27 Kristin Pluhacek
Steve Langan
Recollections made whole,
he stood still for plenitude.
O! Campaign
24th & Chicago, S/E
Bench_27_C Bench_27_C Bench_030_B Bench_030_B Bench_030_C  
0! is for Omaha #30 Sid Buchanan
Dina Rogel
Dream big, live large.
Metro Area Transit
24th & Cuming, N/E
Due to rough neighborhoods of the Near North Side (above Downtown) two benches were not photographic.
 Instead, photos of bench maquettes from the pre-open house Sponsorship Catalog are used.
#31 Caroline Schmitz
Jeremy Lerman
This bench for dreamers.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas
Peterson, Maureen Fulton,
Theresa Cuellar
24th & Binney
#32 Peggy Jones
Lee Baker
To learn how to fly, he asked
those who had soared a while.
Friends of Peggy
24th & Spaulding, East

24th Street "Bench Marks"

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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