South Omaha "Bench Marks"

On July 7, 2005, six "bench Mark", or bus benches with uplifting Inspirational message, was photographed in South Omaha - That is 24th to 13th, from Pacific to “Q” StreetAll six are scatted but last two were near the same corner.  More information on and photo of other "bench Marks" are available at the unofficial Omaha Bench Art website.

Bench_13_A Bench_13_B Bench_14_A Bench_14_B
#13 Jandra Carpenter
Gene Kwak
A living, breathing terra firma is
nothing without its Heartland.
Back to the River
13th & Pierce, N/W
#14 Stephanie Carlson-Pruch
Matt Mason
Dream into stars, swim
beyond what oceans offer,
deep onto the plains.
A Bundle of Castelar Friends
13th & Pine
Bench_16_A Bench_16_B Bench_17_A Bench_17_B Bench_20_A Bench_20_B
#16 Lou Ann Laudermith
David Franklin
Walking is easier said than done.
Blue Flamingo Thrift Store
13th & Vinton, S/E
#17 Michael Giron
Stand in the shadows…
or skip into the sunlight.
Montessori Parents’
Co-op for Children, Inc.
24th & Spring, S/W
#20 Jesse Medina
Peg O’Dea Lippert
Make a difference!
Leadership Omaha—
Class 26: The Best Class Ever
33rd & Ed Babe
Gomez Ave, S/W
Bench_19_A Bench_19_B Bench_19_C  
#19 Michael Giron
Rita Paskowitz
Value yourself. Others will
follow your example.
Bellevue University
33rd & Ed Babe Gomez Ave, S/E

South Omaha "Bench Marks"

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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