13th Street "Bench Marks"

13 Street has 8 benches between Howard Street and I-80 passing thru Old Market and South Omaha areas

More information on and photo of other "bench Marks" are available at the unofficial Omaha Bench Art website.
Downtown & Old MarketSouth Omaha

Bench_006_A Bench_006_B Bench_007_A Bench_007_B
#6 Cynthia U. Sacks
Teena Foster
Do the dance of life!
Paul M. & Djel Ann Brown
13th & Howard, N/W 
#7 Eddith Buis
Rita Paskowitz
In life, only a fried egg
should be over-easy.
The Rows at SoMa
13th & Howard, S/E
Bench_008_A Bench_008_B Bench_008_C Bench_008_D Bench_011_A Bench_011_B
 #8 Angie Fischer
Suzanne Arney
In Belgium, they say, a rainy
day brings good luck.
The Rows at SoMa
13th & Jackson, N/E
  #11 Deborah McColley
Virginia Thomas
Celebrate Pyramid Poweró
take a carrot to lunch.
Keep Omaha Beautiful, Inc.
and Yogis & Friends
13th & Leavenworth, S/E
Bench_012_A Bench_012_B Bench_13_A Bench_13_B Bench_14_A Bench_14_B
#12 Julia Gilreath
Eddith Buis
Pass the olives!
First Unitarian Church
13th & Leavenworth, S/E
#13 Jandra Carpenter
Gene Kwak
A living, breathing terra firma is
nothing without its Heartland.
Back to the River
13th & Pierce, N/W
#14 Stephanie Carlson-Pruch
Matt Mason
Dream into stars, swim
beyond what oceans offer,
deep onto the plains.
A Bundle of Castelar Friends
13th & Pine
Bench_16_A Bench_16_B  
#16 Lou Ann Laudermith
David Franklin
Walking is easier said than done.
Blue Flamingo Thrift Store
13th & Vinton, S/E

13th Street "Bench Marks"

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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