"Omaha Bench Art" Listing

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Bench_001_A #1 DeJuan Cribbs
Anna Monardo
Life: Your chance to
think outside the box.
Marathon Realty Corp.
10th & Harney, S/W
# Bench Artist
Phrase Writer
Inspirational Phrase .
Bench Sponsor
Bus Stop Location
Bench_002_A #2 Debra J. Groesser
Ron Hansen
Speak with grace. Act with kindness.
10th & Howard, N/W
Bench_14_A #14 Stephanie Carlson-Pruch
Matt Mason
Dream into stars, swim
beyond what oceans offer,
deep onto the plains.
A Bundle of Castelar Friends
13th & Pine
Bench_003_A #3 Deborah McColley
Virginia Thomas
Take a vegetarian to lunch.
The Rows at SoMa
10th & Jackson, N/W
Bench_15_A #15 Eddith Buis
Timothy Schaffert
Thrift shop finds:
go-go boots, denim tux,
a fetching velour beret.
The Three Behrs &
George Kleine
28th & Farnam
Bench_004_A #4 Jesse Medina
Connie Lehman
Put yourself in Motion to LIVE.
Paul M. & Djel Ann Brown
11th & Farnam, N/W
Bench_16_A #16 Lou Ann Laudermith
David Franklin
Walking is easier said than done.
Blue Flamingo Thrift Store
13th & Vinton, S/E
Bench_005_A #5 Fairouz Bishara
Jack Wolf
Customize your own dream.
The Rows at SoMa
11th & Jackson, N/E
Bench_17_A #17 Michael Giron
Stand in the shadows…
or skip into the sunlight.
Montessori Parents’
Co-op for Children, Inc.
24th & Spring, S/W
Bench_006_A #6 Cynthia U. Sacks
Teena Foster
Do the dance of life!
Paul M. & Djel Ann Brown
13th & Howard, N/W 
Bench_018_A #18 Jessica Zimmerer
Matt Mason
I am done fighting streetlights,
my paper wings soar, brush
your blazing heart.
Peter Kiewit Foundation
72nd & Farnam, West
Bench_007_A #7 Eddith Buis
Rita Paskowitz
In life, only a fried egg
should be over-easy.
The Rows at SoMa
13th & Howard, S/E
Bench_19_A #19 Michael Giron
Rita Paskowitz
Value yourself. Others will
follow your example.
Bellevue University
33rd & Ed Babe Gomez Ave, S/E
Bench_008_A  #8 Angie Fischer
Suzanne Arney
In Belgium, they say, a rainy
day brings good luck.
The Rows at SoMa
13th & Jackson, N/E
Bench_20_A #20 Jesse Medina
Peg O’Dea Lippert
Make a difference!
Leadership Omaha—
Class 26: The Best Class Ever
33rd & Ed Babe
Gomez Ave, S/W
Bench_009_A #9 Andy Acker
David Nicklin
Up in a tree a bird sings an
awakening song just for you.
Zaiss & Company
15th & Howard, N/E
Bench_21_A #21 Linda M. Garcia
Teresa Dameron
Haz una diferencia en la
humanidad con una sonrisa.
FBG Service Corp.
22nd & St. Mary’s, N/W
Bench_010_A #10 Dotty Robarge
Suzanne Arney
Let me live my life near
a river of chocolate.
Whole Foods Market
16th & Howard, N/E
Bench_22_A #22 DeJuan Cribbs
Bruce Koborg
Turn off the TV. Get out and be
your own star. It’s your movie.
Greater Omaha Chamber
of Commerce
22nd & Farnam, N/E
Bench_011_A #11 Deborah McColley
Virginia Thomas
Celebrate Pyramid Power—
take a carrot to lunch.
Keep Omaha Beautiful, Inc.
and Yogis & Friends
13th & Leavenworth, S/E
Bench_23_A #23 David Franklin
Shelly Clark
Your Chinese Fortune:
“Today you will see a bench.”
Lucky number: Five.
Carol Kloss & Mike McClellan
22nd & Douglas, South
Bench_012_A #12 Julia Gilreath
Eddith Buis
Pass the olives!
First Unitarian Church
13th & Leavenworth, S/W
Bench_24_A #24 Linda Hatfield
Amy Scott
No one is small in potential.
Youth Emergency Services
24th & Harney, S/W
Bench_13_A #13 Jandra Carpenter
Gene Kwak
A living, breathing terra firma is
nothing without its Heartland.
Back to the River
13th & Pierce. NW
Bench_25_A #25 Sandi Bruns
DeJuan Cribbs
Diversity adds the
spice to our buffet.
Anne Boyle
24th & Harney, S/E

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"Omaha Bench Art" Listing #1-26

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