North Omaha/Florence Area "Bench Marks"

On August 9th, 2005, Five of eleven “bench Mark”, or bus benches with uplifting Inspirational message, was photographed in the North Omaha/Florence Area - That is 30th to 16th, from State to Lake Street. One bench near 30th & State, Two are on John J. Pershing Dr and Two on north 16th. Note: one bench on 24th and five on Florence blvd. were not photographed. - More information on and photo of other "bench Marks" are available at the unofficial Omaha Bench Art website.

Bench_033_A Bench_033_B Bench_034_A Bench_034_B North Omaha / Florence Area
Map is incorrect,
#39 is on 108th in West Omaha
#33 Marie V. Sedlacek
Paul Otero
The kiss of art,
mysterious universe
inhaled in human hearts.
Pershing & Ida, S/W
#34 David Williams
Julie Jons
This wasn’t here yesterday.
We’re not the same.
The Lozier Foundation
Pershing & Whitmore, S/W
Bench_035_A Bench_035_B Bench_036_A Bench_036_B Bench_037_A Bench_037_B
#35 Sue Kalicki
Portia V. Love-King
The essence of me/this
poetry/stars and moon
beams at my hand. Create
Joan Gibson & Donald Wurster
16th & Ellison, N/E
#36 Shawnequa Linder
Leslie Prisbell
You are free to stand up,
gather your children, and
walk toward the sunshine.
Peter Kiewit Foundation
16th & Jaynes, N/E
#37 Connor, Doug,
and Linda Meigs
Connor Meigs
Art is not Communication.
It is Dialogue.
Kiwanis Club of Florence
30th & Morman, S/E
Due to rough neighborhoods of the Near North Side (above Downtown) six benches were not photographic.
 Instead, photos of benches maquettes from the pre-open house Sponsorship Catalog are used.
# Bench Artist
Phrase Writer
Inspirational Phrase .
Bench Sponsor
Bus Stop Location
#40 St. Andrews’
Artists CoOp
Steve Langan
Empires of sound, the history
of flight, roosting meadows.
An Enthusiast for Public Art
Florence Blvd & Pratt, N/W
#31 Caroline Schmitz
Jeremy Lerman
This bench for dreamers.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas
Peterson, Maureen Fulton,
Theresa Cuellar
24th & Binney
41 St. Andrews’ Youth
Jennifer Lambert
Reach high—the tree
is tall, the fruit ripe.
Edward R. Danner
Neighborhood Association
Florence Blvd & Pratt, S/E
#32 Peggy Jones
Lee Baker
To learn how to fly, he asked
those who had soared a while.
Friends of Peggy
24th & Spaulding, East
#43 Wanda Ewing
Judith Slater
Give me your hand.
Tell us our future.
Gary & Mary Day
Ames Ave & Florence Blvd, N/E
#38 Jo Brown
Judith Slater
Leap into the air, weightless
for one split second.
Peter Kiewit Foundation
Florence Blvd & Wirt, N/W

North Omaha/Florence Area "Bench Marks"

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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