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The "Airplanes" of
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Leaving The
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I passed through the "St Paul - Minneapolis International Airport" on first and last day of my Twin Cities trip. On the last day, my flight home to Omaha's Epply Airfield was delayed by 3 hour. This gave time to walk up and down the west side of the Lindbergh terminal, and take picture of "Historical Airplanes" handing in the Gold Concourse. Click on Map Icon at Right for location of the Airport..

This is the passenger / baggage drop drive as seen through the window of Gold Concourse north end. Also is the Airport bus stop.

PTM has Photo of this area outside this window

This is the model of "The Spirit of St.Louis" , just west / left of the airport's ticketing / baggage check in area.

Also see Photo (Closeup & end of ticket Area) by PTM.

This is last photo of Don and I, The open air biplane behind us is near gate 4-5 in the Gold Concourse. My departure is near by.

This is Northwest Airline Historical plan is near gate 11-13 or 14-16 in the Gold Concourse.

This is a Northwest airline Mural on the north end of a building at the airport. This view of mural is from the middle of Terminal's south side connector. It goes from south end of Gold Concourse (west) to the Green Concourse(east)

While waiting of take, I took this photo of Lindbergh terminal - Gold Concourse / West side. So I be off to Omaha's Epply Airfield and home.

St Paul - Minneapolis International Airport
Omaha's Epply Airfield
Photo Tour of Minneapolis (PTM)
Airport Thumbnail page
------ "The Spirit of St.Louis" (Closeup & end of ticket Area)
------ Passenger / baggage drop drive from Skywalk
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