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"Old" Milwaukee
Road Depot

West Side Milling District
& The Stone Arch bridge

Our Lady of Lourdes
Church of St. Anthony

"Westside Milling District" - Is on the "west" end of the Mississippi Mile & the St. Anthony Historical District . The Saint Anthony Falls Heritage Trail goes across The Stone Arch bridge in the West Side Milling District.
Click on Map Icon at Right for location of the Westside Milling Distict & Stone Arch Bridge.

Looking east from the "South" end of the Stone Arch Bridge. Just left of this phots is the St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam. See PTM photo of lock and Dam

Also see Arch Bridge QTVR by Eryk Cianciarulo of ASI

This sketch of the "historical" West Side Milling District development is near the "west" end of the Stone Arch Bridge

Click here for details

"Washburn A. Mill Ruins" can be seen on top left of the two photos below. The Minnesota Historical Society is now building the St. Anthony Falls Heritage Center, a museum on history of the West Side Milling District, inside the walls of the Washburn A. Mill ruins.(opening in 2002)

Above: On the Stone Arch Bridge , My Friend Don and I are at right of the "sign" (lower left) on "Beneath the surface"

Left: Bottom of this photo show an archaeological dig "uncovering" Mill's canals for waterpower.

"Stone Arch Bridge" is a railroad bridge built in 1883. Now is a National Civil Engineering Landmark and pedestrian / bicycle bridge in West Side Milling District. Another photo of this bridge is on upper left of the page.

The North side of the Stone Arch Bridge seen from Hennepin bluffs park Bridge. Beth is on the right.

Looking "West" down the Stone Arch Bridge.
Photo's Midde right - West Side Milling District & the downtown Minneapolis Skyline. On the left - Don & Beth standing on the curve. Also see Photo by PTM

Minnesota Historical Society (MHS)
------ St. Anthony Community tour
------ St. Anthony Falls Heritage Center
------ St. Anthony Historical District
------ Washburn A. Mill Ruin

NHS Photo of The Stone Arch Bridge
------ Now and Then
------ Minneapolis Milling District
------ Stone Arch Bridge
Mississippi mile
Map (Larger View)

Photo Tour of Minneapolis (PTM)
Stone Arch from 3rd Ave. Bridge
Stone Arch with Downtown Skyline
Stone Arch with Skyline & People
Stone Arch with Skyline & River
St Anthony fall & dam from bridge

QTVR of Stone Arch Bridge by Eryk Cianciarulo of ASI
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