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Bridges of
Mississippi Mile

"Old" Milwaukee Road Depot
in Downtown Minneapolis

West Side Milling District
& The Stone Arch bridge

"'Old' Milwaukee Road Depot" is on the "northwest" corner of 3rd Ave and Washington Ave., just one block Southwest of the Third Ave. Bridge and The Saint Anthony Falls Heritage Trail of the Mississippi Mile & the St. Anthony Historical District. Click on Map Icon at Right for location of the "Old" Milwaukee Road Depot.

This is the "old" Milwaukee Road Depot's Headhouse looking east acoss third Ave. The banner on headhouse corner and tower advertised "back on Track" station renovation project. "west" end of the Train shed can be seen at far right.

This is "south" side of "old" Milwaukee Road Depot's Train shed as looking west across Wastington Ave. toward the Headhouse. - Red tower at left.

Also see Tower Photo by PTM

Looking down 3rd Ave., The Skyline of downtown Minneapolis can be seen behine the "old" Milwaukee Road Depot's Headhouse at Left. The white trucks parked in front of the Depot is surport for "koll Deportment Store" Commercial being film that day.

Close up of Headhouse tower.

Mississippi mile
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