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State Capitol I

Minnesota State Capitol II
In Downtwon Saint Paul, Mn

Science Museum
of Minnesota

Capitol Front & Quadriga

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location of the Minnesota State capital

"Quadriga" or Golden Horses. Cathedral of St. Paul is left of the left houses head.

The center front of the "Minestota State Capitol". The "Quadriga" is on top in front of doom. My friend, Shawn, is at lower right of photo.

Observation deck - This is at end of tour of the "Minestota State Capitol"

Top of "State Capitol" right wing, looking Southeast

View of Saint Paul skyline. Looking east

Rathskeller Cafe - Name "Rathskellers" originated in Germany as restaurants in the basements of town halls.

German Mottoe(test) below the Eagle:
"Gott segne deinen Eingang und Ausgang." or
"May God bless your entrance and exit."

Mottoe(part of text shown) on Arch at right:
" Fröhlich Gemüth und edler Wein Mögen hier oft beisammen sein" or "Cheerful disposition and noble wine may often meet here to a happy combine"

Ceilling of the "Rathskeller", the basement cafe in back of the"State Capitol". The home of Capitol sayings ,- 23 slogan in German or Mottoe are in decorative art on and below the ceilling of "Rathskeller". Two of the German Mottoes are at left.

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