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State Capitol II

Science Museum
of Minnesota

The Landmark

The Buiding

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of the Scence Museum of Minnesota

Across Kellogg Street is the the main entry of the Science Museum of Minnesota. Also see Photo (w Snoopy) by PTM

This Mississippi side of Science Museum of Minnesota as view from it's Celebration Field. On top of Museum left side is The Towboat Charles E

Exhibits & Galleries - My Highlight of museum Galleries

The Triceratops display in Dinosaurs and Fossils Gallery on lever 3

The Towboat Charles E is on Towboat Tarrace just out side of the Mississippi River Gallery (on lever 5 - Lobby)

Two Dinosaurs Skeleton on display in Dinosaurs and Fossils Gallery (lever 3) Also see Atrium Photo by PTM

This is me, steve adams, next to full size photo image of the worldest tallest man, 8' - 11', 439 lb Robert Wadiow, in the Human Body Gallery on lever 4. A thumb near camera lens hides Robert 's head.

Science Museum of Minnesota
SMM: Dinosaurs and Fossils Gallery
SMM: Human Body Gallery
SMM: Mississippi River Gallery
Photo Tour of Minneapolis (PTM)
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------ SMM Main Entry with Snoopy
------ SMM trium Photo
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