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Map is clickable - It is from O! Location Map link on the official O! Art Work Page
West Omaha
17 Ephemeral Insite
18 O!
19 O! On Fire
21 O! my spiky O!
22 Traveling O!
Metro Omaha
12 wO!ven
13 This Is Omaha
14 Light and Lines
15 They Were Sacred to Astarte
16 Eclipse
20  sO!fa
North Omaha
7 The Ascent
8 Inspiration & Perseverance
9 Suffolk War Horse
South Omaha
6 Wild Underneath
10 Laden O
11 The Standard of Living
1 promO!
2 White Rabbit
3 Omaha On My Mind
4 Omaha Song
5 Best Moments in Omaha
Downtown Omaha O! Map

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