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  Five O! is west of Interstate 680 / 80  
#17 Ephemeral Insite
Leslie Bruning
Hefflinger Park
112th & West Maple Rd - SW

O_17._E O_17_A O_17_B O_17_C O_17_D
#18 O!
Therman Statom
Lake Zorinsky
168th NE. Entrance, In Lake
O_18_A O_18_B.JPG O_18_C.JPG
# 19 O! On Fire
Eddie Dominguez
Millard / UMB Bank
Millard Ave & P - NW
O_19_A.JPG O_19_B.JPG O_19_C  This O!
may go up
in Smoke
#21 O! my spiky O!
Liz Vercruysse
Girls and Boys Town
Near Visitor Center
O_20_A O_20_B O_20_C West Omaha O! Map
#22 Traveling O!
Bart Vargas
Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce
- West Office
13206 Grover St.

O_22_A O_22_B O_22_C O_22_D
All but the last photo weretaken at the Sand in the City 2007.


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