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  Six 0! west of 30th street, inside in the I-680/I-80 Loop  
#12 wO!ven
Mary Zicafoose
Memorial Park
60th & Dodge - at Footbridge

O_12_A O_12_B O_12_C O_12_D Metro Omaha O! Map
#13 This Is Omaha
Craig Roper
Aksarben Campus
67th & Pacific Street - SW

Has Move it Entrance of PKI
O_13_A O_13_B O_13_C O_13_D
#14 Light and Lines
Susan Knight
Gallagher Park
W. of 52th & N.W. Radial Hwy

O_14_A O_14_B O_14_C O_14_D
15 They Were Sacred to Astarte
Joey Lynch
Dundee Business District
50th & Underwood - NW Corner

O_15_A O_15_B O_15_C O_15_D

#16 Eclipse
Santiago Cal
Regency Parkway & Pacific Street
North West Corner

O_16_A O_16_B O_16_C
#20 sO!fa
Leslie Iwai
Nebraska Humane Society
8928 Fort Street - Inside

O_20_A.JPG O_20_B.JPG

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