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This Map was drawn by Steve Adams.

Mall Hours:  Monday - Saturday 10 AM - 9 PM, Sunday Noon - 6 PM
2."Tux E. Doe"
Jonnie Andersen
3."Dimple Doe"
John Badura
11."Light as a Metaphor for Peace"
Annette Sherman Fettman
22"Z. Doe"
Craig Houchin
31."Alice in Wondoeland"
Phyllis Duschanek Morrison
37."Botanical Doe"
Debbie Plog
42."The Faceless Business Man"
Katharine Sires
45. "M.L. Doe"
Darlys Vande Voort
53"Doe Doe"
Kathleen Zuchniak
Group Photo of J.Does
between Sear & Dillard's
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