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"J Doe II Auction List

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J. Doe II Auction
was held Sunday, February 9th, 2003 about1:33pm at
Brite Ideas Decorating on 38th and Farnam. Also other original works of art
from Doe Artists will be actions off..  See J. Doe Project News & Calendar
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Pre-Auction "J. doe II Group Photos" by
Kathy Scholl of Plattsmouth, Nebraska
According to Friday, February 14th, 2003 Omaha
Would Herald Article "Joe II Sale sees lower prices":

- Top Selling J.doe II : "JuxDoePosition" for $4,500
- Average Selling price:
2. "Tux E. Doe"
Jonnie Andersen
3. "Dimple Doe"
John Badura
9. "Outside my winDOE"
Abigal Cowell
10. "Endangered Doe"
Ashley Downey
11. "Light as a Metaphor for Peace"
Annette Sherman Fettman
12.  "The Eye of the Doe"
Maria Francomacaro
13. "Expan-Doe-ble"
Travis Freeman
15. "Earth-Dawn-Wanderer"
Rodger Gerberding
16. "Hands on Doe"
Dona Lee Golden
19. "Fishing"
Angel Griffin
20. "Tux-e-Doe"
Judith A. Groves
21 "JuxDoePosition"
Patrick Head II
22 "Z. Doe"
Craig Houchin
24. "Doe Dramatic"
Kathy & Tom Jurek
25. "Body by Doe"
Karin and Cindy Lewis
29. "Handmade Doe"
Jen H. McEvoy
31. "Alice in Wondoeland"
Phyllis Duschanek Morrison
35. "Omaha Tribe"
Doug Pfenninger
36. "Doe Earnhardt"
Cherie Phelps
42. "The Faceless Business Man"
Katharine Sires
44. "Cherry Doe Pop"
Darlys Vande Voort
45. "M .L. Doe"
Darlys Vande Voort
46. "I Owe I Owe it's
 Off to Work I Doe"

Adam Weiss
50. "Cherry Blossom"
Dawn Wentling & Nate Moseman
53 "Doe Doe"
Kathleen Zuchniak

J.doe II in above Auction List was displayed at: (by Color)
akview Mall estroads all of the Bluffs entral Omaha

Original Artwork up for Auction
By J. Doe Artist
 • Mary M. Kolar, "PUNKER III"
   From the Bad Hair Day Mask Series, mixed media

 • Mary M. Kolar, "Twisted I"
   From the Bad Hair Day Mask Series, mixed media

 • Kathleen Zuchniak, "Four Corners of the World"
   acrylic on wood (two part hutch)

 • Kathleen Zuchniak, "The World With Trees"
   enamel on hollow core wood doors
   (Free standing work of art, two sided room divider)

 • Brenda Everson Wiesman, "Introversion", oil on canvas

 • Brenda Everson Wiesman, "Masks with Column", oil on canvas

 • Carl Weiss, untitled, copper

 • Monica Baxter, "Dancing in Blue", oil

 • Monica Baxter, "Resting by the pond", acrylic/oil

 • Darlys Vande Voort, "Legs", acrylic

 • Darlys Vande Voort, "Eye's", acrylic

 • Darlys Vande Voort, " Snowflakes", acrylic

 • Steve Yoneda, "A Garden View", acrylic and gold leaf

 • Steve Yoneda, "Untitled",
   cabinet built and painted, acrylic and enamel

 • Marcia Joffe-Bouska, "Flexure", acrylic on canvas,
   from a series prefiguring the transposition series.

 • Marcia Joffe-Bouska, "Perforated Plane", acrylic on canvas,
   this is a painting from an early series exploring the movement
   of tubular forms through illusory space.

 • Mary Pat Martin, "Geraniums", watercolor on rice paper

 • Mary Pat Martin, "Beyond the Lanai",
   watercolor on rice paper, inspired after a trip to Maui.

 • Mark Goodall, "Universal Rocket I", found object assemblage,
  Universal vacuum cleaner/ Dapli-Color Mirage Paint.

 • Jackie Eihausen, "Youth", acrylic with collage, a painting
   and poem about the Doe's childhood as the doughboy.

 • Dotty Robarge, "Butterflies", metal with glass; steel with
  iron base-crackled finish copper wire, pink glass; plasma
  cut butterflies with plastic antenna.

 • Dotty Robarge, "Upward", copper & glass, plasma cut
   leaves on vines twining upward to infinity among planets.

 • Kathy Jurek, "Playing in the Sand", watercolor

 • Dona Lee Golden, "Floral Display", watercolor

 • Dona Lee Golden, "The Concert Master",
   woodcut print cut up and reassembled.

 • Katrina Methot-Swanson, "Secretive", watercolor, yellow rose

 • Katrina Methot-Swanson, "Hidden Beauty", watercolor, red rose

 • Abigail Cowell, "Field of Tulips", oil on canvas, 47" wide x 24"

 • Katherine Sires, "Tin Man", monoprint in oil, 22" wide x 30 1/2"

 • Annette Sherman Fettman, "Outcry", bronze

 • Annette Sherman Fettman, "The Girl in the Red Coat", bronze

 • J. Lynn Batten, "Orange Cat - Red Room", Mixed media; pastel,
   color pencil and marker. Artist from Valley Nebraska.

 • Shirley Neary, "An Apron for Cleaning Fish" studio art quilt, hand dyed
   cotton, painted fabric and vintage prints, machine quilted in a fish design.

 • Shirley Neary, "GI Doe", plaster with collaged paper,
   made for J. Doe II entry April 2002.

 •  Lorna Ulrich Packett, "The Clown and The Chair", mixed media;
    cloth, Styrofoam, cardboard and cloth. This is a set; I consider it my
    solitude set, look at the detail.

 •  Annette Sherman Fettman, "Lamentations", bronze

 • Bobbie Baltzer-Jacobo, "Stairway", acrylic

 • Bobbie Baltzer-Jacobo, "Corner Café at Night, Venice, Italy", acrylic

 • C. Kelly Lohr, "The Wader", French ceramic is suitable for outdoor display

 • C. Kelly Lohr, "Innocence", Forton mg, artist will install if located locally.

Note: This list "Original Artwork" from main page,
February 14, 2003
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