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This Map was drawn by Steve Adams.

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1. "J. Dome"
Jonnie Andersen
Dale W. Clark Library
215 South 15th Street
2. "Tux E. Doe"
Jonnie Andersen
Mall of the Bluffs
3. "Dimple Doe"
John Badura
Mall of the Bluffs
4. "Marilyn Mon-Doe"
Scott Bargenquast
American National Bank
8990 West Dodge Road
5.  "J. Doe & the Animal Alphabet"
J. Lynn Batten
Omaha Children's Museum
500 South 20th Street
6. "NCCJ - Doe"
Monica Baxter
August 1 - Octotober 11
- Mutual of Omaha (Outside)
- 3333 Farnam St.
October 12- December 31
 - Skutt Catholic High School
 - 3131 S. 156 St.
7. "Puzzle Doe"
Jamie Burmeister
The Rose
2001 Farnam Street
8. "Dreamtime Doe"
Stephanie Carlson-Pruch
Family Housing Advisory Services
2416 Lake Street
9. "Outside my winDOE"
Abigal Cowell
Oak View Mall
10. "Endangered Doe"
Ashley Downey
Oak View Mall
11. "Light as a Metaphor for Peace"
Annette Sherman Fettman
Mall of the Bluffs
12.  "The Eye of the Doe"
Maria Francomacaro
Westroads Mall
13. "Expan-Doe-ble"
Travis Freeman
Oak View MalL
14. "Doe-Op Game"
Sondra Gerber
Creighton University Medical Center-lobby
601 N. 30th St
15. "Earth-Dawn-Wanderer"
Rodger Gerberding
Oak View Mall
16. "Hands on Doe"
Dona Lee Golden
Westroads Mall
17."Reba Doe" -it's website
Mark Goodall
Roving sitescall 344-8181 or
see Right side of
18. "America the Beau-"Doe"-ful"
Debra Groesser
Borsheims Jewelry Co.
Regency Court Shopping & Dining
120 Regency Parkway # 110
19. "Fishing"
Angel Griffin
Oak View Mall
20. "Tux-e-Doe"
Judith A. Groves
Westroads Mall
21 "JuxDoePosition"
Patrick Head II
Nebraska Methodist College
8501 West Dodge Road
22 "Z. Doe"
Craig Houchin
Mall of the Bluffs
23.  "Kiddoe"
Kathy Jurek
Omaha Home for Boys
4343 N. 52nd Street
Youth & Family Service Building
24. "Doe Dramatic"
Kathy & Tom Jurek
Westroads Mall
25. "Body by Doe"
Karin and Cindy Lewis
Westroads Mall
26. "Recycle Woman"
Marc Manriquez
Oak View Mall
27. "The Foundation of Society"
Linda J. Marshall
Norfolk Art Center
305 N 5th St
Norfolk, NE 68701
28. "Henri Rousseau Deau"
Mary Pat Martin
Black Elk Elementary School
6708 S. 161st Ave
29. "Handmade Doe"
Jen H. McEvoy
Westroads Mall
30. "Autumn Wind Doe"
Katrina Methot-Swanson
Ginger's Hang-Up
August 1- October 31
- 2770 S. 129th Ave
November 1 - December 31
- 111 West Mission Ave, Bellevue, NE
31. "Alice in Wondoeland"
Phyllis Duschanek Morrison
Mall of the Bluffs
32. "Tick Tock Doe"
Lorna Ulrich Packett
Methodist Cancer Center
8303 Dodge Street
33. "Pizza Doe"
Helen Patane
La Casa Pizzaria, Inc.
4432 Leavenworth Street
34. "Go Crazy"
Vickie Pattavina
Oak View Mall
35. "Omaha Tribe"
Doug Pfenninger
Westroads Mall
36. "Doe Earnhardt"
Cherie Phelps
Oak View Mall
37. "Botanical Doe"
Debbie Plog
Mall of the Bluffs
38. '"D'Ocean"
Kelly Robinson
Mulhall's Nursery
120th and Maple
39. "Cookie Doe"
Kelly Robinson
No Frills Supermarket
August. 1 - October  31
- 8005 Blondo St.,
November. 1 - December.31
 -18th West Broadway,
 - Council Bluffs, Iowa
40.  "J. Muse of Doe"
Catherine Rodgers
Clarkson College
101 S. 42nd Street
41."All Stars"
Mike Scheef
Roving sitescall 344-8181 or
see Right side of
42. "The Faceless Business Man"
Katharine Sires
Mall of the Bluffs
43. "One Strong Voice
 - A Tribute to Working Women"
Anne Steinhoff
Nebraska Furniture Mart
700 S. 72nd Street
44. "Cherry Doe Pop"
Darlys Vande Voort
Oakview Mall
45. "M .L. Doe"
Darlys Vande Voort
Mall of the Bluffs
46.  "I Owe I Owe it's Off to Work I Doe"
Adam Weiss
Westroads Mall
47. "Brake Man"
Carl Weiss
Childrens' Hospital Lobby
48. "Drover Doe"
Carl Weiss
Wells Fargo Bank
1919 Douglas Street
49. "Meg-Ron-Doe"
Carl Weiss
Parsow's at Regency Court
(beginning Sept. 1,2002)
120 Regency Parkway
50. "Cherry Blossom"
Dawn Wentling & Nate Moseman
Westroads Mall
51. "Dala-Doe"
Marilyn Wolf
Troll House Scandinavian Importers
8709 Shamrock Rd, Which is on the
north side of Countryside Village
87th & Pacific
52. "Doemestic / Doemestico"
Kathleen Zuchniak
Juan Diego Center
5211 S 31st St.
53 "Doe Doe"
Kathleen Zuchniak
Mall of the Bluffs
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