108th Street "Bench Marks"

108th Street has 10 benches between Fort and Harrison Street passing thru West Omaha
 and South West Omaha areas

More information on and photo of other "bench Marks" are available at the unofficial
Omaha Bench Art website.
South West OmahaSouthWest Omaha

Bench_039_A Bench_039_B Bench_084_A Bench_084_B
#39 Scott Prokupek
David Franklin
She smiled, realizing she
could start her day over
anytime she wanted.
Friends of Public Art
108th & Emmet, S/E
#84 Jeff Hug
Connie Lehman
No more jumbo anything.
First Unitarian Church/
Dan Dwyer
108th & Browne, S/E
Bench_085_A Bench_085_B Bench_086_A Bench_086_B Bench_086_C Bench_086_E
#85 Sharon Boynton
Matt Mason
Life is whatís hidden in the
beauty we reach for with
hands soft as breath.
Marathon Realty Corp.
108th & Old Maple Road, N/W
#86 Lorna Ulrich Packett
Leslie Prisbell
Thereís a little happy
in every hour.
The Arboretum
108th & Manderson Plaza N/W
Bench_087_A Bench_087_B Bench_088_A Bench_088_b Bench_089_A Bench_089_B
#87 David Williams
Leslie Prisbell
She liked to do the bus
stop at the bus stop.
JoDonís/Dave & Janet Warren
108th & Blondo, S/W
#88 Charlene Potter
Shelly Clark
In my first life I was a tree.
Or is it the other way around?
Wilson Family
108th & Burt, S/E
#89 Mary Seger
Angela Glover
Possibility ignites when
you engage with life.
CBRE Mega Corp. &
Crestridge Magnet Center
108th & Mill Valley Road, East
Bench_090_A Bench_090_b Bench_091_A Bench_091_B Bench_092_A Bench_092_B
#90 Rodger Gerberding
Sean Doolittle
A language, she thought,
and ordered a tape. She
learned all the colors first.
The David Scott Foundation
108th & Nicholas
#91 Connie Farmer
Amy Scott
Laughter can not be used up.
R, J, S & T Sullivan
108th Ave & Farnam Dr, S/E
#92 Annette Fettman
Rita Paskowitz
Every language has a word for peace. Why not speak it in yours?
Friendship Program, Inc.
108th & Madison, West

108th Street "Bench Marks"

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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