South West Omaha "Bench Marks"

On August 3rd, 2005, Six "bench Mark", or bus benches with uplifting Inspirational message, was photographed in South West Omaha Area - That is 144th to 100th, from Pacific to Harrison Street. Three benches, #97-100, are the Millard area. The rest are scattered. More information on and photo of other "bench Marks" are available at the unofficial Omaha Bench Art website.

Bench_079_A Bench_079_C Bench_079_D Bench_079_B SouthWest Omaha
#79 Steve Yoneda
Lee Baker
Weeding my garden allows my
dreams to grow and bear fruit.
Lake Ohana, Craig & Laureen Nakamoto
102nd & Pacific, S/E
Flower Detail & Back
Bench_092_A Bench_092_B Bench_097_A Bench_097_B Bench_098_A Bench_098_B
#92 Annette Fettman
Rita Paskowitz
Every language has a word for peace. Why not speak it in yours?
Friendship Program, Inc.
108th & Madison, West
#97 #Eric Baughman
Elizabeth K. Spencer
Kids learn from playing—
look how smart YOU turned
out! Turn off that TV!
Dr. William and Lynette Singer
144th & Center, S/W - on 144th
#98 Paula Wallace
Donovan L. Welch
The good never have
to ask how to sing.
Millard Lumber
135th & Millard Ave, S/W
Bench_099_A Bench_099_B Bench_100_A Bench_100_B
#99 Suzanne Powers
Suzanne Arney
As in life, one has to pay
the fare to ride the bus.
Matt and Sara Boyd
136th & Q, N/E
#100 Robert Miller
Randy Gustafson
Actually, you CAN get
there from here.
Nashua Corporation
136th & Q, S/W

South West Omaha "Bench Marks"

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