To Middle LEFT portion of the class photo.

This is Lower Right portion of Westside Class of 77 20th Reunion
 Class Photo courtesy of "Class Reunion Photography"

Persons Are listed from left to right.

Front Row:

Middle Row:

Back Row:

Kathey Keyes Yakus*
Terri Perrone Connell*
Kelly Spires Williams*
Lisa Pate Verbeck
Suzy Hallas Anderson
Mary Mazzei Bemer
Kathy Johnson Stadie
Lori Jacobson Arias
Ann Mammel Balusek
Christina Jensen
Margaret (Peggy) Mainelli

Mark Johnson*
Mark Magistretti*
Timothy Lemmers*
Kathy McKenzie
Jean O'Sullivan
Julie Moore Roundtree
(ls by herself)
Debbie Graham Slaughter
Kris Kirchner Johnson
Kelly Martens
Marcia Kersten Monaghan
Ann Munson Hegarty
??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???
Tom Marcuzo

Phil Ferrante*
Rick Learch*
Dean Mathisen*
Craig T. Johnson
Bill Mariucci
Scott Macier
David Kelly
David Nelson
Jay Jansen
Brian Muenster
Phil Morgan

*Also listed on Middle LEFT portion of the class photo

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