To Lower LEFT portion of the class photo.

This is Lower Right portion of Westside Class of 77 20th Reunion
 Class Photo courtesy of "Class Reunion Photography"

Persons Are listed from left to right.

Front Row:

Middle Row:

Back Row:

Shelley Yank Donahue*
Eileen Sadofsky Stout*
Becky Vohoska Rose
Beth Scott Bednarek
Toni WillsBac
Colleen Skinner Peitzmeier
Connie Schleich Kozeny
Lisa Richards Froehlich
Kelly Spires
Candy Wenzel King
Chris Hargitt (kneeling)
John Zimmerman
David Koukol

Scott Shaeffer*
Dan Rath*
Rich Secor
Guy Schropp
John Polito
Patrick Rowland
James Romano
Cindi Vogt
Colleen M. Tyrell Jorgensen
Renee Uhing Green
Andy Schack
Lisa Pate Verbek
Gary Niver
Jane Schorr Penoyer
Mr. Jaws

Grant W. Pouchert*
David Zook*
Tom Thurmond*
Paul Roach
Dan Young
Robert Pistillo
Melanie Wigg Pistillo
Eric A.Sandmann
David Shapiro
Tony Young
Barbara Williams Overbay
Dennis Pfeffer
George Proud
Lisa Roach Fox
Mary Zimmerman
Roxanne English Perruso


Tom Rice*
Mark Pred
Mark Thomas
James Beam

*Also listed on Lower LEFT portion of the class photo

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