UNMC / NHS #2 Building & Grounds List

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Saddle Creek Road
 - Runs an angle access the bottom.
Farman Street
 - Is on the left side.

Dewey Avenue
 - Runs vertically thought the center.
Emile Street
 - is on the right side.

"Clarkson Campus"
From Left to Right,
Buildings connected by skywalk

  • North Clarkson Doctor's Building
  • South Clarkson Doctor's Building
  • Kiewit hall
  • *Clarkson Tower- In Middle of photo
    Former Clarkson Hospital
    (see NMC map)

More UNMC Campus
In a single building below Clarkson Campus

See  Nebraska Medical Center Map 
 for name and location of other University of
 Nebraska Medical Center Buildings.

*The Nebraska Medical Center
Former Clarkson Hospital / University Hospital

"UN Medical Center Campus"
Building Top to Bottom
South (right) of Clarkson Campus

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