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Saddle Creek Road
- Runs an angle access the upper right.
44th Street
 - Below Saddle Creek, At middle right.
42nd Street
- Runs from lower right to middle of left side.
41st Street
 - At extreme lower left.

Farman Street - Is on the lower right.
Dewey Avenue
  - Runs from lower left of Upper Right
Emile Street
- Runs from Middle of Left side to upper middle

"UN Medical Center Campus"
Buildings bottom to top
South (left) of Clarkson Campus

"Clarkson Campus"
From Left to Right,
Buildings connected by skywalk

  • *Clarkson Tower - In Middle of photo
    Former Clarkson Hospital
    (see NMC map)
  • Kiewit hall
  • South Clarkson Doctor's Building
  • North Clarkson Doctor's Building
     - Just off photo

More UNMC Campus
In a single building above Clarkson campus

See  Nebraska Medical Center Map 
 for name and location of other University of
 Nebraska Medical Center Buildings.

*The Nebraska Medical Center
Former Clarkson Tower/ University Hospital

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