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The Landmark

Trains @ Bandana
of the Twin City Model Railroad Club

Bridges of
Mississippi Mile

"Trains at Bandana" is a "0"-scale layout by the Twin City Model Railroad club. This layout features twin cities railroad landmarks from the 1930's-50's ,including the vary building it's housed in - A former Northern Pacific cars repair shops. The "Trains at Bandama" is in Bandana Square shopping center between downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul. Click on the Twin Cities Map Icon at Right for location of "Trains at Bandan"

This is the "storefront" of Twin City Model Railroad club, which looks like a small town railroad depot. The "Trains at Bandans Exhibit" is inside. It is located in the northest corner of the east building of the Bandana Square shopping center.

• At left: St. Anthony Falls Milling District,
Railroad bridges of the Milling District over Mississippi river (top to bottom) are:
• Third Ave. Bridge
• Great Northern Stone Arch Bridge
• Minneapolis Western Bridge
• Northern Pacific-North Coast Bridge
(only top of bridge showed)
At Left: Third Ave. Bridge
The controls for this layout is below the bridge.
At Right: Great Nothern Passenger Station (white building)
This station no longer exist. Soon after Amtrack move to new "Twin cities" station, it was torn down.

Forground is the Town of Mattlin, which is right of Great Nothern Passenger Station on the layout

This layout have a model trolley system .
It runs from the trolley barn (lower right) ,around the Town of Hamline (red building at left), over the Third Ave. Bridge (white curved bridge above the trolley barn) and to Great Nothern Passenger Station (in photo above theTrolley system photo)
Left background : St. Anthony Falls Milling District,

• Forground: The Como Junction ( red boxcars)
• building in middle: Nothern Pacific Como Shops.
Note: This is model of building this Layout is housed in!
• Off right of photo: Mississippi Street Roundhouse
• Left background : St. Anthony Falls Milling District,

Twin City Model Railroad club
Club: Location of Bandana Square shopping center.
Club: Layout of Trains at Bandama
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Home > Trips > Twin Cities Index, Story & Map > Day 3