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Clouds Over

Mall of America &
Knott's Camp Snoppy

Lego Imagination

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Mall of American and camp Snoppy

This is first Mall of America sign I saw. It just noth east of the world-largest mall at 24th Avenue & 81th street in Blommingtion Minnesota.

I did not visited Underwater Adventures but I had my picture taken with it "Shark" symbol.

This is north entrance to Knott's Camp Snoopy. The "Skyscraper Feris wheel" towers over this entrance.

Also see Photo by PTM

I took this two-part pamorama shot of Knott's Camp Snoopy from 3rd floor overlook on it east end. On the left side, the "Ripsaw Roller Caster" is on top and "NSP Log Chute" is below. In the middel (on the edge of both photos) is the "Screaming Yellow Eagle". just right of Pepsi symbol is the "Skyscraper Feris wheel". I did not ride any rides.

Also see Center & Right Photo by PTM

Mall of America
Knott's Camp Snoopy
Underwater Adventures
Photo Tour of Minneapolis (PTM)
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----- Camp Snoopy From East Broadway (To Right)
----- North Entrance to Camp Snoopy
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