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  inside Outside Locations  
No.   Star Title Artist Location
Permanent Pieces and Placements - Including the Greater Lincoln
1 Star Ship Liz Shea-McCoy Lincoln Municipal Airport
2 Reach Honey Reach Max Reis Jr. Fallbrook Blvd. & Hwy 34
3 Rising Star Robert Lamberson Eisely Library,
1530 Superior St.
4 Star Flower Clement & Harvey Bieber Mini Park,
48th & Adams St.
5 Meteorite Slab Denise Rieschick Against the Wall Gallery
6220 Havelock Ave.
6 Star Light - Star Bright Virginia "Ginny" Wilcox
 & James Oaks
Mahoney Park
70th & Fremont St.
7 Guiding Light Benjamin Costello Broadcast House,
4343 O St.
8 The Heart of a Community Helen Strode Coddington Park
Coddington Ave. & A St.
9 Simple Europe Charles Muff First Plymouth Church
20th & D St.
10 Pas De Deux Dika Eckersley Cascade Fountain,
27th & Capitol Pkwy.
11 Star in Action Todd Rivers Antelope Triangle
27th & A St.
12 My Child - My Star Sondra Jonson Bryan Medical Plaza
1500 S. 48th
13 Ebony Benjamin Brunick St.. Prairie Life Center
1305 S. 70th St.
14  Luminescent Incandescent Mary Lamberson Seacrest Park,
70th & A St.
15 Star Repose Shannon Hansen East High School
1000 S. 70th St.
16 Star-Way to Heaven  Karen Story and Judy Stanczyk Novartis Trailhead
84th & Hazelwood Dr.
17 Starry Starry Night Gina Egenberger BryanLGH Medical Center
2300 S. 16th St.
18 A Son's Perspective Will Lepinsk Wesminster Presbyterian
2110 Sheridan Blvd.
19 Wind Sculpture Startling Tyne O'Keeffe South St. & Normal Blvd.
20 Fandango Beth Turner Sutton Ryan Dermatology
1710 S. 70th St.
21 Reaching for the Stars Liz Shea-McCoy Lincoln Benefit Life
84th & Van Dorn St.
22 Capitol and ôStar"Work2 Gay Gallup & UNL FWC Piecemakers Post Office
1201 Calvert
23 Night Flight Liz Shea-McCoy 33rd & Sheridan Blvd.
east of roundabout
24 Reach for the Stars  Robert Lamberson Runza
33rd & Hwy 2
25 Ring O' Stars Troy Guern Talent Plus, Inc.
65th & Pioneers Blvd
26 Roots
Wings and Stars
Cathy Harrington Union Bank & Trust
70th & Pioneers Blvd
27 Starburst Gay Gallup & UNL FWC Piecemakers St. Mark's Church
8500 Pioneers Blvd.
28 Freedom Robert Lamberson Warlick Blvd. & Old Cheney Rd.
29 Stardance Mary Lamberson Cooper YMCA
14th & Densmore
30 Dream Catcher Marita Sanchez Dr. Pinnacle Bank
7001 S. 27th St.
31 Star Door Julia Lauer-Cheenne Von Maur (Southpointe)
27th & Pine Lake Rd
32 Star Gazer Mary Kolar BryanLGN Medical Plaza
3901 Pine Lake Rd.
33 Offset Shannon Hansen Security Financial Insurance
4000 Pine Lake Rd.
34 Garden of Dreams Mindy Burton Campbell's Nursery
56th & Pine Lake Rd.
35 Twinkle Dean Rediger West Gate Bank
Old Cheney & Hwy 2
36 Estrella Vida Marita Sanchez Sheridan Lutheran
6955 Old Cheney Rd.
59 Catch a Falling Star Ben Smith Russ's Market
33rd & Hwy 2
63 Reach for the Stars   Wilderness Ridge
1800 Wilderness Woods Pl.
65 Star Sower Suxan Anderson/AH & Assoc Husker Auto Group
6833 Telluride Dr.
67 String Theory: The Strength
of Our Woven Community
Jennie Kohl Austin Haymarket Theater
803 Q St.
69 Local Rock Star Margaret Berry/Claire Homquist Westfield Gateway
66th & O St
  inside Outside Locations Display in Window  
No.   Star Title  for 1st Photo Artist Location
37 Stars Above the Campfire Diane & Don Gabelhouse Main Post Office
700 R St.
38 Born on the 4th of July Twyla Spangles  a.k.a. Vicki Rankin Main Post Office
700 R St.
39 Wish Upon a Star Sue Gardner Fenster 7th & Q St., S.W. corner
40 X-Ray of a Starfish Chris Nelson Lincoln Journal Star
926 P
41 Star Lit by Fireflies Margaret Berry St. Lentz Center for Asian Culture
11th & Q St.
42 Home is Where the Stars Are Tammy Bargen Mary Riepma Ross Theater
313 N. 13th
43 Cascade Shannon Hansen 15th & R St., South Side
44 Stars and Stripes Leslie Bruning 7th & P St., N.W. Corner
45 Starberry Bush Kevin Potter The Mill
800 P St.
46 Fallen Star Joyful Stoves 10th & P St., S.W. Corner
47 Thanking Our Fallen Stars Cheston Coffin Grand Theatre
12th & 0 ST., S. W. Corner
48 Star Figure Audrey Koch Grand Theatre
O St. between 11th & 12
49 Celestial Dragon Troy Guern Children's Museum
1420 P St
50 Heart Shine Judy Miller Sartor Hamann Jewelry
1150 O St. (East side)
51 Stellar LynnDee Nielson Centrum Building
12th & O St.
52 Tango Beth Turner Digital IMS, 1200 N St.
(N. of 12th street door)
53 Cha-Cha Beth Turner Digital IMS, 1200 N St.
(N. E corner of 12th & N)
54 I Caught My Wishing Star Jennifer Ormiston  YWCA Lincoln
1432 N St.
55 Ascension Mindy Burton U.S. Bank (Lobby)
233 S.13th St.
56 All Hands Together Mary Lamberson City County Building
555 S. 10th St.
57 Star Light-Star Bright Michele "Shelly" Burge City County Building
555 S. 10th St.
58 Star City Karen Story and Judy Stanczyk 15th & K St. , N of the Capitol
Transportable Pieces -  At various locations*, including the Nebraska State Capitol
60   All of the Stars in My Sky Catherine Griesen  
61   Mixed Radiance Denise Rieschick  
62   Prairie Star Michele "Shelly" Burge  
63   Reach for the Stars (Maquette) Clarisse Hastie  
64   Star Gazers Mary Kolar  
65   Star Sower (Maquette) Suxan Anderson  
66   Stars of the Future Beth McElroy and St. Peter's Students  
68   The Star and its Messages Colleen Eubanks  
69   Local Rock Star (Maquette) Margaret Berry/Claire Homquist  
*Display locations and dates are on the official Stargazing Schedule page

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