Downtown Lincoln Star Art 

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Star Art Logo Tuesday March 14, 2006 - I photographic 28 of 67 Lincoln YWCA Sponsored "Star Art"
 (Spring 2006) including 19 in Downtown Lincoln.
Outside Location Indoor Location Display in Window  

Star_Art_37A  Star_Art_37B IMG_4084  Star_Art_38 Star_Art_39A  Star_Art_39B Star Art Map
Stars Above the Campfire

Diane & Don Gabelhouse
Lisa & Tom Smith
Main Post Office, 700 R St.
 38 - Born on the 4th of July
Twyla Spangles
a.k.a. Vicki Rankin

Dr. Gregory & Mary Heidrick
/ Le Mari de Twyla

Main Post Office, 700 R St.
Wish Upon a Star

Sue Gardner Fenster
A Friend of the Arts
7th & Q St., S.W. corner
  # Star Art Name
Star_Art_40A  Star_Art_40B
Star_Art_43B Star_Art_43A

Star_Art_44A  Star_Art_44B Star_Art_45A  Star_Art_45B
40 - X-Ray of a Starfish
Chris Nelson
Lincoln Journal Star
Lincoln Journal Star, 926 P
43 - Cascade
Shannon Hansen
Lee Booksellers
15th & R St, South Side
44 - Stars and Stripes
Leslie Bruning
Steve Wake &
Linda Esterling

7th & P St., N.W. Corner
  45 - Starberry Bush
Kevin Potter
The Mill, 800 P St.
Star_Art_46A  Star_Art_46B Star_Art_47A  Star_Art_47B Star_Art_48A  Star_Art_48B Star_Art_49A  Star_Art_49B
46 - Fallen Star
Joyful Stoves
City Bank & Trust Co.
10th & P St., S.W. Corner
Thanking Our Fallen Stars

Cheston Coffin
Transcrypt International Inc.
12th & 0 ST., S. W. Corner
  48 - Star Figure
Audrey Koch
Grand Theatre
O St. between 11th & 12th
 49 Celestial Dragon
Troy Guern
James C. & Rhonda Seacrest
Children's Museum
1420 P St
Star_Art_50B  Star_Art_50C Star_Art_52A  Star_Art_52B Star_Art_53A  Star_Art_53B Star_Art_54A  Star_Art_54B
  50 - Heart Shine
Judy Miller
Dr. Samuel & Patricia Boon
Sartor Hamann Jewelry
1150 O St. (East side)
  52 - Tango
Beth Turner
Haymarket Square, Jon Camp,
 Cece & Brien Hendrickson

Digital IMS, 1200 N St.
(N. of 12th street door)
  53 - Cha-Cha
Beth Turner
Lincoln Internal
 Medicine Group

Digital IMS, 1200 N St.
(N. E corner of 12th & N)
I Caught My Wishing Star

Jennifer Ormiston
Lincoln Breast Center
YWCA Lincoln
1432 N St.
Star_Art_55A  Star_Art_55B Star_Art_56A  Star_Art_56B Star_Art_57A Star_Art_58A  Star_Art_58B
55 - Ascension
Mindy Burton
U.S. Bank
U.S. Bank (Lobby)
 233 S.13th St.
56  - All Hands Together
Mary Lamberson
Husker Auto Group
City County Building
555 S. 10th St.
Star Light-Star Bright

Michele "Shelly" Burge
Mayor Colleen Seng
City County Building
555 S. 10th St.
Star City

Karen Story & Judy Stanczyk
Tonto Verde Construction
15th & K St.
North of the State Capitol
These stars were not found or Visited
41 - Star Lit by Fireflies
Margaret Berry
ABC Electric
St. Lentz Center for Asian
 Culture, 11th & Q St.
Home is Where the Stars Are

Tammy Bargen
Vince Powers & Associates
Mary Riepma Ross Theater
313 N. 13th
51 - Stellar
LynnDee Nielson
 Judy & Jeff Greenwald
Centrum Building
12th & O St

Downtown Lincoln Star Art

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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