West Sarpy County Benches  
Sarpy County Sesquicentennial Event

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Benches in La Vista
Bench_32_A Bench_32_B Bench_32_C This partial map is
from the official
Plains to Planes
"West" La Vista Map
32.  Airplane Benches Page "Guardian of the Gods"
  Judy Crouch
  Pinnacle Bank
  12350 Southport Pkwy., La Vista
Bench_33_A Bench_33_B  < 33.  Bffalo Benches Page "Country"
  Sally Moluf Hoss
  12312 Port Grace Blvd., La Vista
Bench Name
Area of Town
Benches in Gretna
Bench_34_A Bench_34_B Bench_34_C This partial map is
from the official
Plains to Planes
Getna Area Map
Red Star 34. Bffalo Benches Page "Metaling Around"
Adam Weiss
City of Gretna
Peterson Park,
310 Angus St., Gretna
Bench_35_A Bench_35_B Bench_37_A  
35. Airplane Benches Page "Blue Bird"
Michael Sabin
Aquila, Inc.
North Park,
Angus St, W. of U.S 31, Gretna
36. Bffalo Benches Page "BLUR"
Gretna High School Art Club
Gretna Public Schools
Gretna High School
11335 S. 204th St., Gretna
37. Bffalo Benches Page "Great White Buffalo"
  Grace Blowers
  Sarpy County Tourism
  Midland Crossing Mall
  14333 S. Hwy 31, #C108, Gretna
Benches in Springfield
Bench_38_A Bench_38_B Bench_38_C

This partial map is
from the official
Plains to Planes
Springfield Area Map
38 Bffalo Benches Page "Curly"
Carl Weiss
Weiss Studio and Gardens
13603 Pflug Rd., Springfield
Bench_39_A Bench_39_B Bench_40_A Bench_40_B Bench_41_A Bench_41_B
#39 Bffalo Benches Page "Story Teller"
  Carl Weiss
  City of Springfield
  Buffalo Park
  South 6th St., Springfield
40. Bffalo Benches Page "King Buffalo"
Katrina and Paul Swanson
Springfield Business Association
Springfield Drug
2nd & Main, Springfield
41. Bffalo Benches Page "County Fair"
Paula and Jeff Yoachim
Sarpy County
Agricultural Society

Sarpy County Fairgrounds,
100 Main St., Springfield
Benches marked with a will be on display until August 1st, then will be sold at auction during the Sarpy County Fair.
Note:  The Buffalo and Airplane graphics taken from the numbered icons on the official bench map.

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