Central Sarpy County Benches  
Sarpy County Sesquicentennial Event

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Benches in La Vista
Bench_17_C This bench were
moved from it
Bellevue location
Jul 30 & Aug 28th
Bench_31_B Bench_31_A "East" La Vista Map
This partial map is from the official
 Plains to Planes Map
17. Bffalo Benches Page "Double Nickel"
Paula and Jeff Yoachim
First National Bank
FNB Branch, 84th & Brentwood,
La Vista (July-August)
31. Bffalo Benches Page "Conrad"
Jeri Brainard
City of La Vista
La Vista City Hall
South side Garden Area,
8116 Park View Blvd., La Vista
Benches in Papillion
Bench_14_A Bench_14_B Bench_14_C   Papillion Area Map

This partial
map is from
the official
Plains to

14. Bffalo Benches Page "Café Buffalo"
Katrina Methot-Swanson
Suburban Newspapers
1413 S. Washington St., Papillion

Detail of Farmstead scene on back
Bench_21_A Bench_21_B Bench_21_C   Bench_22_A Bench_22_B
21. Airplane Benches Page "Wind Plane"
Greg Holdren
Alegent Health Midlands Hospital
Hospital Main Entrance
11111 S. 84th St., Papillion

The back of "Wind Plane" viewed
from the Hospital  Lobby.
22. Airplane Benches Page "Head in the Clouds"
Kathy Jurek
Shadow Lake Towne Center
900 Olson Dr., Papillion
Bench_23_A Bench_23_B Bench_24_A Bench_24_B Bench_24_C Bench_24_D
23. Bffalo Benches Page "Cowboys & Indians"
Kathy Jurek
Shadow Lake Towne Center
900 Olson Dr., Papillion
24. Bffalo Benches Page "Playground of the Plains"
Sue Gardner Fenster
Williams - Deras & Associates
Sarpy County Jail Main Entrance
1208 Golden Gate Dr., Papillion
The Bench "Playground of the Plains"
has the seal of Sarpy County Sheriff
 on the rear leg of the Buffalos
 and a playful squall on seat
Bench_25._A Bench_25._B Bench_26_A Bench_26_B Bench_27_A Bench_27_B
25. Bffalo Benches Page "Courthouses of Sarpy County
 - 150 Years"
Debra Groesser
2007 Sarpy County Elected Officials
Sarpy County Courthouse
 (Inside south entrance)
1210 Golden Gate Dr., Papillion
26. Bffalo Benches Page "The Seat of Education"
Dennis Kennedy
Papillion-LaVista Schools Foundation
420 S. Washington St., Papillion
27. Bffalo Benches Page "Early Days on the
Sarpy County Plains"

Debra Groesser
Papillion Community Foundation
North End Commons Area
222 N. Jefferson St., Papillion
Bench_28_A Bench_28_B Bench_28_C   Bench_29_B Bench_29_A
28. Bffalo Benches Page "Spirit of the Mountain"
Judy Crouch
City of Papillion
City Hall - on west side
122 E. Third St., Papillion

The "Spirit of the Mountain"
has a Buffalo on the seat and
Old Western Frontier Town on back.
29. Bffalo Benches Page "Grazen Bison"
Carl Weiss
Midlands Community Foundation
945 N. Adams St., Ste. 7, Papillion
Bench_30_A Bench_30_B Bench_30_C Bench_30_D  
30. Airplane Benches Page "Freedom I"
Virginia Hain
No Frills Supermarkets
Inside the store (84th & Giles),
1230 N. Washington St. Papillion
Back Ground Information on the
Airplane "Freedom I" is model after.
Bench Name
Area of Town
Note:  The Buffalo and Airplane graphics taken from the numbered icons on the official bench map.

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