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Ever since the success of the J. Doe Project, I’ve wanted to create another splashy event. Inspiration arrives in many different ways, and this exhibit has lived in my thoughts and dreams for several years. Now it comes alive for the public. Omaha On-Line has two themes—occupations and cultures. The artists’ clothing pieces reflect the diversity of Omaha and what makes it such a vibrant place to live and work.

This public exhibit is similar to works installed by Christo, an internationally known artist who uses fabric for giant outdoor displays. An exhibit like this tends to be short-lived; rather more like a “happening” which takes intense, long-range planning and is over in a few weeks.  Omaha On-Line will open with the Omaha Summer Arts Festival on June 23 and will hang until approximately July 7, 2006.  Partial displays and a brochure of the artwork will also record this exciting visual event.

The Omaha On-Line Exhibit at the Gene Leahy Mall marks the fifth year of public art projects sponsored by the Omaha Summer Arts Festival  As is always the case, it takes many people to make a project of this magnitude a success – starting with the more than 120 local artists working as individuals, duos, or teams that created these beautiful works of art.  Contributors to this exhibit range from highly accomplished and long-practicing artists to teachers, students, fabric artists and craftspeople.  Also crucial to the exhibit have been the problem solving advisors, the photographer, brochure designers, city hanging crew and the underwriting sponsors.  Thank you to each and every one of you … We created this unique exhibit for the people.  Let’s Enjoy!

Eddith Buis
Project Director

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