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Image a Map, similar to one at
the bottom of this column, has
been enlarged to man size, turned
90 degrees clockwise and shrink
warp around a J. Doe with north
and south edge of map meeting
in the middle of his back.

Area of Town

  1. West Omaha
    West of 90th Street
  2. Central Omaha
    Between 90th & 36th
  3. North Omaha
    North of Dodge Street
    East of 40th,
  4. South Omaha
    South of Dodge Street
    East of 40th
  5. Downtown
    Cuming  to Levenworth,
    I-480 to 13th street
  6. Old Market
    Dodge to Levenworth Street
    13th to 8th Street
  7. Council Bluffs, Iowa
    & Bellevue, Nebraska

Also see "J.Doe Omaha" map

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