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Map / Location Key Midtown West & East Highway 30

Catfish in Fremont parks*
No.   Name Artist Park Location
5   "So 'Fish' Ticate" Nancy Albrecht John C. Fremont Park 8th & Broad St.
10   "Platte Cat" Viicky Hunzeker,
Family & Friends
 Field Park
16th & Ridge Rd.
16   "Beauty of the Platte" Stephanie Cattlett  Masonic Park 23rd & Main St.
22   "Fish Tale" Ryan Ninete  Memorial Park Military Ave. & Lincoln St.
24   "ROBO CAT" Byan Schutt  Barnard Park Military Ave & Clarkson St.
*An Fremont and Dodge County Convention and Visitors Bureau page

Catfish in Downtown
No.   Name Artist Location
#1   "Quincy" Chris Bristol 6th & Broad St.
2   "Tranquillity Fish" Correy Hinrichsen Military Ave. & Park Ave.
3   "Fill-er-Up" Paul J. Swanson Military Ave. & Main St.
4   "Do you See what I Sea?" Megham Sather &
Mike Mcintosh
Military Ave. & D St
27   "Little Fish on the Prairie" Deb Kubik 1st & Main St.
29   "Jimmy Buffish" Sue Buffish 6th & Broad St.
30   "Cat-a-pillar" Pete Mitchell 6th & Broad St.
31   "Life in times" Deryl Skelton 6th & Main St.
32   "Sole of the Platte" James Cattlett 6th & Main St.
33   "Catfish Hunter" Dehhis Schlund 5th & Main St.
34   "Ella Fishgerald &
 The Platte River Trio
Tim Francis 4th & Main St.
35   "Exploring Glassy Waters" Leah Frederick 4th & Main St.
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