"Shooting Star Fish 'Messages' "


This Catfish has Messages that follows some curve lines that connects the "stars" on his body. Here are some sample below

On the Green - upper Right:
...consists not in holding good ...

On the Yellow - down the middle
...afement is oxygen to the soul ... Adams

On the Red - right of yellow
...e wise man must remember,
  that his a dcsecen...

On the Yellow - Shooting down from the red Star
... We live in the present we dream of the future and we learn eternal truth from the past
MME. Chiang Kai Smek

On the Red - Shooting down from the Green star
  Star lite, Star brite, First star I see tonight
  I wish

These photos were taken by Steve Adams June 11, 2004. All" text from photo" were transcribe from the original full size / full resolution version
On the Red - upper Left
  There is hearty trust, there is love - Thoreau

On light Blue - under the fin
  unlike swimsuits, beach should ....

On the Yellow  -under the purple Star upside down
   See everything, over look great deal
   correct a little -
Pope John XXIII

On Blue - Lower Left
  .. the blame for the past, but to fix the
   course for the future -

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