120th Street "Bench Marks"

120th Street has 4 benches between Maple and Dodge Street exclusive in the West Omaha areas

More information on and photo of other "bench Marks" are available at the unofficial Omaha Bench Art website.
South West Omaha
Bench_093_A Bench_093_B Bench_094_A Bench_094_B
#93 Sharon Boynton
Heidi Hermanson
Hope is a white balloon
that escaped gravity.
Home Instead Senior Care
120th & Nicholas, East
#94 Brenda
Anne Steinhoff
Life is too brief for tight shoes.
Dan and Shirley Neary
120th & Grant, West
  Bench_095_A Bench_095_B Bench_096_A Bench_096_B
#95 Paula Wallace
Yolonda Ross
Once the heart is involved
all common sense goes
out the window. Love.
Leadership OmahaŚ
Class 25: The Best Class Ever
120th & Miami, West
#96 Marilyn Beig
Timothy Siragusa
Aiming at the stars,
looking at our toes.
George Lozier
120th & Stonegate, N/W

120th Street "Bench Marks"

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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