South Center/72nd Street "Bench Marks"

On July 27,29 & Aug 2,3 2005, Eighteeen "bench Mark", or bus benches with uplifting Inspirational message, was photographed in South Center Omaha/72nd Area - That is 90th to 72nd, from Class to Grover Street. Five benches are in the Crossroad Area (72nd & Dodge), Three are at 72nd & Marcy Rd (North of Center street). Rest are scattered. Also this area has four pairs of benches  (See gray Column). More information on and photo of other "bench Marks" are available at the unofficial Omaha Bench Art website. Bench_064_65_BBench_054_59_A

Bench_018_A Bench_018_B Bench_048_A Bench_048_B
#18 Jessica Zimmerer
Matt Mason
I am done fighting streetlights,
my paper wings soar, brush
your blazing heart.
Peter Kiewit Foundation
72nd & Farnam, West
#48 Kristae Peterson
Timothy Schaffert
One sad day he realized he’d
conspired in his own obscurity.
aVENue gALLery
72nd & Spring, West
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Bench_054_A Bench_054_B Bench_059_A Bench_059_B Bench_054_59_A  
#54 Adam Murcek
Roxanne Wach
Do what you love now! If you
don’t get to it, who will?
La Casa Pizzeria
72nd & Arbor, N/E
#59 Barb Schroeder
Donovan L. Welch
Hope is a fire we light with
a snap of our fingers.
First Unitarian Church
72nd & Arbor, N/E
#54 & #59 Side by side
72nd & Arbor, N/E

Bench_062_A Bench_062_B Bench_063_A Bench_063_B Bench_062_63_A Bench_062_63_B
#62 Lorelle Carr
Fear is the bridge to
Great Plains Auto Body
72nd & Grover, N/E
#63 Carole DeBuse
Clif Mason
I want the heart of a great
horse—steelworks filled
with danger and daring.
Millard Manufacturing
72nd & Grover, N/E
Bench #62 & 63 Side by side
72nd & Grover, N/E
Bench_064_A Bench_064_B Bench_065_A Bench_065_B Bench_064_65_A Bench_064_65_B
#64 Jean Mason
Jeff Koterba
Ukuleles, mandolins, a smiling
sidewalk, a turning point.
Blue Cross & Blue Shield
72nd & Mercy, N/E
#65 Shannon Tarvin
Library Staff
Just Read It!
A world awaits you…
Child Saving Institute
72nd & Mercy, N/E
Bench #64 & 65 Side by side
72nd & Mercy, N/E

Bench_071_A Bench_071_B Bench_072_A Bench_072_B Bench_071_72_A Bench_071_72_B
#71 Linda Marshall
Jane Pietrantoni
Step out of your car to
discover Omaha—it’s amazing.
Mayor Mike Fahey
74th & Dodge, S/W
#72 Nicole Blauw
Ron Hansen
Each choice we make
shapes us.
Levy Law Office
74th & Dodge, S/W
Bench #71 & #72 Side by side
74th & Dodge, S/W
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Bench_060_A Bench_060_B Bench_061_A Bench_061_B Bench_066_A Bench_066_B
#60 Bonnie Manriquez
Teresa Dameron
She’s one of a kind.
My Boes, My Designs
72nd & Cass, N/E
#61 Julie Cornell
Suzanne Arney
Life is a bus,
peopled with dreams.
Stephen Hug
72nd & Farnam, West
#66 Kelly Adams
Sibyl Myers
Gotta just do it. Pump up your
spirit. Set yourself free.
ACT!vate Omaha
72nd & Mercy, S/E
Bench_067_A Bench_067_B Bench_068_A Bench_068_B Bench_076_A Bench_076_B
#67 Sara Marquiss & Rachel Meredith
Donovan L. Welch
The easy is what we dream of.
The hard is what defines us.
Toastmasters International
Revelliers Club #1796
76th & Pacific, N/W
#68 Bob Bosco
Nat Derickson
You are what you want.
Your wants have brought you
here, so take a seat and think.
Parker Family Foundation
76th & Pacific, S/W
#76 Jesse Medina
Gene Kwak
We’ve come to see our
children’s dreams outgrow
the looming stalks.
Peter Kiewit Foundation
80th & Center, N/E
Bench_077_A Bench_077_B Bench_078_A Bench_078_B
#77 Kari Oppegard
Elizabeth K. Spencer
Did you do good today?
The Mark Oppegard Family
87th & Center, S/W
#78 Carrie Hansen
Heidi Hermanson
Notice beauty every day. Drift in
a boat above a tree-green sea.
élan Contemporary Furnishings
88th & Center, S/E

South Center/72nd Street "Bench Marks"

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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