High Schools Memories
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Classmates favorite memory from high school (any year)? See below
The Craziest things classmates did senior year: 
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Most memorable comment written in yearbook: 
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Classmates favorite memory from high school (any year)?
Just hanging out with friends.
Hanging out at the fort.
Crusing Omaha with friends in what are now valuable vintage cars.
Blowing things up in Chemistry Class
Breakfast outside at the Teacher's house for Sociology class.
Incarnating "The Mole" in the chem room with Sharon Uhrich and sometimes Martha Bean.
Working as a chemistry lab assistant with Sharon Uhrich and Scott Nelson, and creating the legend of "The Mole."
192nd & Harrison Parties
All the friends I made throughout the years in high school; that I will cherish for ever.
Going on the cruise to the Bahamas with Harly Hardison
Beating Prep in football at home my Senior Year.
Driving my new Camaro to class - boy did I think that was hot!
The senior band trip
Well, the tornado really sucked
Decorating lockers for the jocks.
Getting thrown in pool with all my clothes on
All three years was great for me

The Craziest things classmates did senior year:
Got engaged
Streaked the VIP Lounge
Spent most of Senior Prom in the parking lot.
I was the good child. I did nothing crazy!
Tripped Rod Carr when he was refereeing intramurals.
Riding a wheelie on my motorcycle the the last day of school in parking lot.
Everclear & Hawaiian punch. Marijuana brownies*
Skipped classes and I won't put in writing why - "giggle, giggle"
I'll plead the Fifth.
I think driving home drunk from Council Bluffs numerous times pretty much takes the cake
Pulling off a surprise party for Joan Splittgerber
I was more likely to try to blend into the walls than do anything crazy (i.e. to stand out).
Had a party while parents were out of town & 300 people showed
* Webmaster Note.  I know there were drug problem at Westside. But did not see any evident of it during my years at Westside High School

Most memorable comment written in yearbook:
A guy writing that he had a great time with me at a party, .....it wasn't me.
Are you kidding?
Never forget the clearly voiced "NO" from the back seat of the car.-this has nothing to do with Senior Prom though.
Du bist wie Pony Huedchen: ein anstaendiges Maedchen. Herr Mueller
Du bist wie Pony...eine schoene Maedchen. Herr Mueller
Es muy simpatico conoceste a ti y este bello pais y ciudad donde mi opsecio tu compania en Omaha y paste de mi experiencia. CarmenHerran
One of the girls I dated lamenting the fact that she broke up with me because I was such a great guy - I think I actually believed her
I don't even know where my year books are.
The message from my mom, and 4 weeks later we lost her to cancer....
Once a knight always a knight, but once a knight is enough

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