The Class Survey Summarized Results

General Info


No. of Class member in the Class of 77:  700+
No. of Class member attended 30th reunion:  130+

Date of Survey were online: April - July 2007
Total number replies: 51
No. of u-neat replies: 37+1



For various reason, personal information
gathered by the survey are not shown here.

Most Number of Jobs a Classmate had:  57
Most Number of places a Classmate lived:  9
The Farthest Location Classmate(s) lived:
Aberdeen Scotland, Niigata Japan

Most Number of Countries a Classmate Visit:  30
The Farthest Country a Classmate Visited(s)
Antarctica, Australia, China, New Zealand,
Various Countries in Europe
High School

Classmates Favorite Teachers from high school
Anna Clark Mr Clark Mrs. Clark Mrs. David
 Don Gilpin Don Kolterman Mrs. George Gloor
Mrs. Hoyt Ira Brodsky Mr. Jenkins Larry Morrisey
Mr McCormick Mr. Nelson Niemann Rick Collura
Rob Johns Ron Crampton Mr Skinner Mr. Vap

Classmates Most Feared Teachers from high school
 Mr Bruner......sp? Castro Don Kolterman Mr Eastlack
Ed Stribley Gloor Mr Hall Ken Bruner
Mr. Karr Max Kitzleman Mr. Kluza Mr. May
Rod Carr Rodney Karr (Carr?) Roger Hoffman Mr. Schleiffer

Who was Alice Gillogly?
This lady in the office Secretary
Gatekeeper, Keymaster, Receptionist and soul of Westside.
A lovely lady who tracked down absent students.
Assistant to the Princapal. Counselor
Mr. Tangdall's assistant, ruler of the office
She was the Volunteer Coordinator and grandmother to us all.
The attendance office secretary The office lady.
The school organizer
An elderly office lady with red hair, who was still there (red hair and all)
when our daughters were at WHS a few years ago!

Can you name the school's two "bouncers"?
Guesses  The Answers
Barney Fife Dim Witt Ed Stribley  
Half Witt Kim Something or Other  
Marty Kauffman Max - can't remember the other  
Pat Vendettie (sp?) Mr. Stribley Terry

Favorite memory from high school (any year)
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The Craziest things classmates did senior year:
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Most memorable comment written in yearbook
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If classmate had a free mod where did he/she go?
Alibi Bar in CB, IA Chem lab room Drive around in the car
McDonald's Off campus Ideally Taco Johns
Therese Lee's car to smoke cigarettes On/off Campus
Do you

How many students graduated in the Class of 77?
Guesses The Answer
 535  600  689  740  747  748  750  754  756  
 765  777  780  793  800 805  814  850  855  
 863  873  893  900  943  999      
Who were our... The Answer
 ... President?  Bruce Anderson  Carter    
   Julie Wallin    
 ... Vice President?  Bruce Anderson  Mondale  
   Susan Christie    
 ... Secretary?  Bruce Anderson  Roxane English  
   Mike Abrahamson  Dolly Addison  
   Julie Wallin  
 ... Treasurer?  Bruce Anderson Jennifer Erickson  
  Tom Rice    

Which reunion have classmates attended?
 5th  10th 15th  20th  25th  
3 0 4 17 3  of 51 Replies

Classmates' favorite memory from past reunions:
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What is the most disliked question classmates heard at reunions?
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Craziest place you have run into a former classmate?
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