Lincoln Art Council Press Release
Tour De Lincoln Public Auction Phenomenal Success
October 4, 2003

The City of Lincoln proved how deeply it loved the summer public art project, Tour de Lincoln, the last two nights at Haymarket Park. More than 13,000 people came to the Last Stop party last night to view all 71 bikes. Tonight, as the bikes were auctioned, the love was further proved. More than $430,000 was raised in support of the arts as bike by bike the bids increased.
More than 5,000 bidders and spectators watched in awe as the live auction raised more than $417,000 and the silent auction raised more than $13,000. "The success of the Tour de Lincoln auction absolutely blew us away. We were expecting each bike to sell for $2,500 - $3,000. Yet consistently, bikes were selling for $5,000 to $7,000," said Jessica Kennedy, Tour de Lincoln marketing chair.

The proceeds from each bike will be allocated three ways. One-third of the monies raised will go to the artist, one-third to the arts organization of the purchasers choice and one-third is will be used by the Lincoln Arts Council in support of public arts.

Tour de Lincoln Chairwoman Liz Shea McCoy thought that Thursday night’s event was what made her proud. "It was so amazing to see how many people came out to see the bikes, take their final pictures and say good-bye," she said. "It was also heart-warming to see the community meet these talented and inspired artists that have created the magic of Tour de Lincoln."

Purchasers have the option to donate their bikes to the city for placement on trails and in parks or to the Lincoln Public Schools, as well as loaning them to the city from October to January to kick-off the newly designated 12th Street Arts Corridor.

The top-selling bike for the evening was Around Town, by artists Karen Story and Judy Stanczyk. It was purchased for $15,000. The top-10 bikes were:
     1. Around Town, artists Karen Story and Judy Stanczyk, $15,000
     2. Tour de Lance, artist Todd Miller, $13,000
     3. #30 9 and 1, artist Ben Brunick, $12,000
     4. Rest Area, artist Danny Moore, $11,000
     5. Go Somewhere, artist Todd Miller, $11,000
     6. Mountain Bike, artist Todd Miller, $9,500
     7. A Bicycle Built for Tunes, artist Corby Renard, $8,600
     8. Flat Man Bicycle Band, artists Zane and Ethan Parks, $8,200
     9. No Net, artist Troy Guern, $8,200
     10. A Family Affair, artist M. J. Lamberson, $8,100
The press release form Lincoln Art Council website in late 2003

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