Haymarket Park Auction

Friday October 4th, 2003 evening Auction at Haymarket Park, Lincoln Nebraska raised $430,545 for the Lincoln Art Council:

  • $417,250 from Bike Auction itself.
  • $13,294 from silent auction of the maquettes.
The money or proceeds from each bike will be divided three ways:.
  • 1/3 of the purchase price goes to the Artist
  • 1/3 goes to the Arts Organization of the purchaser's choice. 
  • 1/3 will go to the Lincoln Art Council.

Here is the Top Ten selling bikes According to Lincoln Art Council Oct 5th press release:
Tour De Lincoln Public Auction Phenomenal Success
Around Town
 Karen Story & Judy Stanczyk
   Sold for $15,000 
Tour de Lance
 Todd R Miller
   Sold for $13,000 
30 9 and 1
 Ben D Brunick
   Sold for $12,000 
#4 Rest Area
 Danny R Moore
   Sold for $11,000 
Go Somewhere
 Todd R Miller
   Sold for $11,000 
Mountain Bike
 Todd R Miller
   Sold for $9,500 
A Bicycle built for Tunes
 Corby L Renard
   Sold for $8,600
Flat Man Bicycle Band
 Zane & Ethan Parks
   Sold for $8,200 
No Net
 Troy J Guern
   Sold for $8,200 
A Family Affair
 MJ Lamberson
   Sold for $8,100 
The ten bicycle were from all four of the five "Area" in Lincoln (see color code below).  Interestingly half of them came from Downtown Lincoln
Downtown NorthWest NorthEast SouthWest SouthEast

Also see full list of Tour de Lincoln bicycle auction results on the Lincoln Art Council website

Articles & press release:

Note: Information on this page was based on the Oct 4th,2003  Lincoln art council press release and Oct 4th, 2003  Lincoln Journal Star Newspaper article.

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