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"Catfish Of Fremont Links" Catfish

Map / Location Key Midtown West & East Highway 30

List of Non-Catfish related links are below
No.   Catfish Type Links
#1   "Quincy" S Fremont and Dodge County
 and Visitors Bureau
6   "FishTasic Fun" L Keene Memorial Library
7   "Huck Fin" S Fremont Tribune
L Keene Memorial Library
8   "Fat Tuesday Comes to Fremont" A Kathy Neubauer
L Rader Photography
9   "Catch the Fun Fish!" L May Museum
13   "Mr. O'Fish'al American" S,L American National Bankof Fremont
17   "Sea Maiden of the Platte"   Blue Cross & Blue Shield
 of Nebraska
19   "Platte River View" S,L First State Bank & Trust Co
20   "Angle Fish" L St Patrick's Catholic Church
21   "School of Fish" S Fremont Middle School
23   "The Kiss" S MainStreet Fremont Inc.
25   "Tune-A-Fish" L Fremont Municipal building
27   "Little Fish on the Prairie" L Fremont Tribune
28   "Fish Sticks" S,L Christensen Lumber
30   "Cat-a-pillar" L Fremont Area Art Association
31   "Life in times" S Fremont National Bank
 & Trust Company

Link Type: A = Artist, S = Sponsor, L = Location, O=Others

Fremont Media Links
From The Great Catfish Auction
1340 AM - KHUB
105.5 FM - KFMT
Fremont Tribune
NE State Symbols Links
 from "Platte Cat - NE Symbol List"
Nebraska Secretary of State - State Symbols page
www.enchantedlearning.com - List at mid-page.
www.netstate.com - List Similar to "Platte Cat List"
www.nctc.net - Short List with photos.
John Charles Frémont Links
from "Life in times"
Klesinger.com's Article with Map
Wikipedia Article
Fremont parks description

Catfish relate links table is above.

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