"Platte Cat - Nebraska State Symbols"


Here is a list of Official Nebraska State Symbols, include the
Channel Catfish as posted on the chest of the "Plate Cat Catfish"

Links to Other Nebraska State Symbol on the web are at bottom of page.

Official Symbols Type Year Adopted
Great Seal & Motto - March 1st    1867
Goldenrod Flower 1895
John G. Neihardt Poet Laureate 1921
Flag Flag 1925
Cornhuskers Nick Name 1945
Mammoth Fossil 1967
Prairie Agate Rock 1967
Blue Chalcedony (Agate) Gemstone 1967
"beautiful Nebraska"
     Word by Jim Fras and Guy G. Miller,
     Music by Jim Fras
Song 1967
Little Bluestem Grass 1969
Cottonwood Tree 1972
Honeybee Insect 1975
Holdrege Series Soil 1979
White-tailed Dear Mammal 1981
William Kloefkorn Poet 1982
Channel Catfish Fish 1997
Square Dance American Folk Dance 1997
"A Place like Nebraska"
     By Sol Kutler
Ballad 1997
Wakefield Baseball Capital 1997
St Paul Historic Baseball Capital 1997
Cody Village of Lights 1997
Mike Beberage 1998
Platte River River 1998
Kool-Aid Soft drink 1998

Nebraska's state fish, the Channel Catfish locate food by probing with sensitive whisker-like projections called barbell. This popular sports fish eats a wide variety of insects, fish, frogs and plans and  can be found in Nebraska's lakes and rivers.
LB 106

In 1997 Sandra Perry's Fourth-graders of Valley, Ne got the legislature to change the process of selecting state symbols. Now the governor, instead of the legislature,  chooses state state symbols. The state fish become the first symbol chosen by this new process under Governor Ben Nelson.

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