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72nd & Center
84th & Center

AK-SAR-BEN / UNO South Campus
Looking East - Southeast

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This photo taken by Steve Adams between 2 pm & 3 pm on October 10, 1998
USCS 1999 Satellite Photo
 of Ak-Sar-Ben by MSN TerraServer
This area once was the AK-SAR-BEN Horse racing track and horse barns.
See 1980's Area Map & Aerial Photo below  - 
Where did horse racing go?

Pacific St. - Just off left side of Photo.
67th St. - Left center edge to Pine St.
Pine St. - Run vertically in photo. center
Ak-Sar-Ben Dr. - Just above the Creek.
Center St. - At upper right, next to Ak-Sar-ben.

Little Papillion Creek
Lower left to above left
center, below Ak-Sar-ben.

Left: UNOmaha / FDC Campus
UNO South Campus Map

Building at Center Left:
UNOmaha's - Peter Kiewit Institute
(Construction Web site)

The home of

Building at Bottom Left:
First Data Corp Building (AK1)
Note: The second building AK2 was
built to right of AK1 about year 2000.

Site of Scott Residence Hall
 just above of the Street intersection
 right of the Peter Kiewit Institute.

Site of Scott Village is at end of Pine St.
UNO Sport Fields is in green area
between Pine street & Ak-Sar-Ben buildings

Right: Ak-Sar-Ben Buildings &
Ground - Was the Home of

Note: 2002 is last year for events listed
above, They have moved to the new
  Omaha Arena and Convention Center

Site of Scott business & Technology
Development Center
is below the
Ak-Sar-Ben buildings , above and to the
right of Pine and Ak-Ser-ben Drive.

Bottom Right: College of St. Mary
(Below Little Papillion Creek on the right side)


AK-SAR-BEN Horse Racing

Above:  From USCS July 1984 Topography map
by MSN TerraServer. To view a zoomable map online, first
Select "Topo Map 1 Jul 1984" from "Other Imagery" on left

Insert :
1988 Satellite Photo

AK-SAR-BEN Horse Racing ran
from 1919 to 1995 expect for
1930-34 &1943-44 (World War II)

In 1983, AK-SAR-BEN was one of
the Nation Top 10 Tracks.

The History of AK-SAR-BEN Horse
Racing with newspaper articles,
photos and videos of horse races at:

Horse Barn Area Today
PKI & FDR building
Race Track Area Today
UNO Student Housing &
Sport Feilds
Omaha Horse Racing Today
Looking Southeast

photo by Steve Adams 
October 10 , 1998

Q Street: Lower left

Horseman's Park
at 6303 Q Street

is Omaha new home for Horse
Racing and Simulcast betting,
since 1998

Get the latest Simulcast & Live
Horse Racing
information from
Horseman's Park website

Also see Omaha Thoroughbred page for Horseman's Park's
  Live meet photos & selected AK-SAR-BED Photos

What is on the north part of AK-SAR-BED   Now and  Than?

Photo Above

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